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When are Children in need of emergency treatment?

  • Five medical conditions should be brought to attention of a Physician/Doctor,for Children
      Abdominal Pain : Stomachaches are a common complaint among young children, but severe pain or distress can indicate a serious issue. If your child's stomach is swollen or sore to the touch or if blood is present in the child's stool, he or she be taken to the Emergency Care. If pain is persistent and present in the lower right side of abdomen,it could be symptom of appendicitis.
      Burns : Burns larger than the size of your child's palm of those that appear discolored or deep require immediate emergency care.Chemical burns and burns to the hands and face are particularly severe.
      Fever : Children under three months of age should be taken to the emergency care if their temperature rises above 100.4 degrees. A fever is one of the first signs of an infection that could be something more serious,such as meningitis
      Head Injuries : Injuries that cause loss of consciousness, headaches, vomiting or confusion should be treated by emergency physicians immediately.
      Neck Stiffness : Accompanied by a rash or fever, neck stiffness may be an indication of meningitis, a potentially deadly disease.
  • Four Seasons of the Year Song

    Tips for Parents

      Parents are far more effective at changing their child's behavior when they understand the motivation for it.
      Children are more motivated to cooperate,learn new skills and offer affection and respect when they feel encouraged,connected and loved
      Punishment creates more misbehavior
      We can never control anybodies behavior but our own
      Time-out can be an effective and appropriate parenting tool when it is used to teach, encourage and soothe

    Simple Cough Syrup for Kids- Home Made

    3 tbsp lemon juice
    1 cup honey/maple syrup*
    1/4 cup warm water
    Combine lemon juice and honey/maple syrup in a bowl. Slowly stir in the water. Store in a covered jar in the refrigerator - take 1-2 tbsp as needed for cough.

    Easy to make and sweet so kids like it. *Be sure the kid has no allergy to honey/maple syrup